Guidence to the Admission - Self-Service

Here you will find generel inforamtion about login, menu points etc.


Having trouble with signing in, please follow our guidance through the self-service frontpage. For new password you can click "forgot password" and follow the specified procedure.For safety reasons, the username and password not be handled by telephone, so you can write us via our contact page or by personal attendence at the Admission Office.

you can contact the Admission and Counselling Office on 65 50 10 51 or send an e-mail to

Remember to sign out after using the Admission – Self-service. If you use publicly available PCs in terminal rooms, at libraries, Internet cafes etc., it is particularly important to sign out after using the computer. You can sign out by the menu point "User" - "sign out"

If you go to another webpage by typing in a web address in the address window of the browser, or by following a link, you will be automatically be signed out of the Admission – Self-service. Therefore you need to go back to the site by refreshing etc. and typing your given credentials again. For reasons of security it is not possible to return to the Self-service pages using the "back button" in your browser. 

If you use one of the menu points under "about admission" FAQ, Info, Admission, Student Card, And MAP, the information will pop up in a new window. When you are done, you can close the window by clicking at the “x” button in the top right hand corner. In som browsers "pop up" can be blocked, so you will have to change these settings in your browser. Or change your webbrowser

You can print a home page by using the menu point File/Print or the print icon in the toolbar of your browser. It you want to print the Info or Subject pages, which are open in a separate window, you right click in the open window, and then chose the menu point "Print" in the menu box that pops up. Clicking the print icon in the window of the folder will print the Admission folder. One or more pages can be printed. 

Admission – Self-service was developed for use with Microsoft Explorer. The pages can also be entered in other systems, but will be of lower quality.